NZ baby name popularity

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Developed by Anna Martin. This is a re-working of a visualisation by Cameron Prebble to allow for a greater level of interactivity and to improve some aspects of how the data is presented. Table sorting possible using a script from Tristen. Data sourced from The Department of Internal Affairs and Statistics New Zealand.

How does it work?

The shading represents the relative ranking and dominance of that name within the top 100 baby names only for each year, while the dot size represents the number of babies born with that name relative to the total number of babies born for that year.

To see the baby names in order of popularity for each year, click on the year headers to sort that column in order of ranking.

To see how the use of these baby names has changed over time, click on the median year header to sort the names by the median year they were in the top 100.

White circles indicate the “number 1” name for that year.

Hover over a particular name and year to see how many babies were registered with this name and the ranking of that name for that year.

Give it a go!

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